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  • The Pearl

    The Pearl

    Looking for your true identity, purpose and assignment? You'll find it in the pages of "The Pearl – The Great Price of Your True Identity." Pastor Otis Gillaspie digs through the depths of...
  • PDF Soul Invasion Study Guide

    PDF Soul Invasion Study Guide

    The mind is a battlefield. Are you equipped for victory over the enemy and, better yet, the ever-present “in-a-me?” It’s time to armor up!   Never before has mankind lived in a day when the mind...

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  • Book

    Numbers That Preach Book

    Does God speak through numbers and numeric value? The answer will amaze you as Troy reveals the voice of God through His perfect mathematical lingo. Are you ready to hear the hidden sermons Jesus is...
  • New 5784/2024 Hebrew Calendar New 5784/2024 Hebrew Calendar

    New 5784/2024 Hebrew Calendar

    $25.00 - $45.00
    TWO GOOD TO BE TRUE!Yet the prophetic words and meaning for the Hebrew year 5784 and the Gregorian year 2024 isjust that; true and full of promise for you. Two revelations – two calendars! GET BOTH...
  • 40 Breakthrough Declarations Devotional Book

    40 Breakthrough Declarations Book

    Want to amplify the revelation of redeeming time? Get Pastor Troy’s new devotional book FORTY BREAKTHROUGH DECLARATIONS – Powerful Prayers to Heal Past Hurts, Make Future Provision and Invite Jesus...
  • Redeeming Your Timeline Book

    Redeeming Your Timeline Book

    Time is God's way of keeping everything from happening at once. That thought, written above a bar in a Texas music hall, inspired a young musician to search out the matter of time from God's...