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New 5784/2024 Hebrew Calendar

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New 5784/2024 Hebrew Calendar
New 5784/2024 Hebrew Calendar
New 5784/2024 Hebrew Calendar
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New 5784/2024 Hebrew Calendar
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Yet the prophetic words and meaning for the Hebrew year 5784 and the Gregorian year 2024 is
just that; true and full of promise for you. Two revelations – two calendars!


YEAR OF THE OPENDOOR CALENDAR: It’s a prophetic word packed with promise! Discover
the word of the Lord through the Hebrew letter dalet–the number four and the open door. Do
you need an open door that no man can shut this year? This is a right-now revelation on the
Rapture of the Church and the Bride of Christ. You don’t want to miss this prophetic
proclamation. Look up! Lift up your head because your redemption is nearer than you think. $25

THE MIDNIGHT HOUR CALENDAR: The Gregorian year 2024 is filled with prophetic meaning
straight from the book of Revelation. What are the 24 elders and 24 thrones in heaven, and how
does that scream a great big word about the end of time–the midnight hour? Find out with this
crazy cool revelation from the author of Numbers that Preach, Pastor Troy Brewer. $25

Because God speaks to His children, both Jew and Gentile, through the calendar, Pastor Troy
has made sure these resources are jam-packed with prophetic insight into each day. Hear His
heart throughout your “times and seasons” including:
• Troy’s Exclusive Prophetic Word for 5784 & 2024
• Jewish Holidays & Biblical Feasts
• Shabbat, Holy Day and Feast Partia Readings
• Jewish Historical Events from the first day of creation
• Events in the Heavens & their prophetic meanings
• Jewish Alphabet & Numbers
• Jewish Feast Prophetic Insight
• Prophetic Numbers & More!

This is the day—and the year—that the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad in it!

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