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Arise! Shine!

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Arise! Shine!
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Want to know the prophetic story of OpenDoor Church and the spiritual history of Burleson?

Pastor Gloria Gillaspie, who anointed and broke the ground that the church is built upon, reveals the amazing account of her life, the ministry the Lord gave her in a time when women in the pulpit was considered blasphemy, and the victories she lived through faithfulness to the Lord's Word for her life.

How did Stepping Stone Youth Ministry become Lighthouse Church?

How did the Lord forge a bond between Pastor Gloria and Lighthouse and Pastor Troy Brewer and OpenDoor? The answers are astounding.

The Word says that signs, miracles and wonders follow the preaching of the Word and these manifestations of God's power not only follow Pastor Gloria through these pages, but into OpenDoor Church to this day.

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