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I Never Heard My Dad Say

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I Never Heard My Dad Say
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I Never Heard My Dad Say: A Journey of Identity and Wholeness includes the process of freedom ministry that John Arroyo experienced during his transformation. John transparently tells experiential accounts from his life as he gained a biblical and spiritual understanding of why he acted and reacted the way he did. He learned how to break the cycle of dysfunction as he learned to closely follow his Heavenly Father. Once he heard his Father say, “You are my Beloved Son,” he wanted nothing more than to be close to his Dad.

His co-author Peggy Corvin, Freedom Minister, and Author, also shares her journey and includes freedom teachings to shed light on the ways dysfunction impacts the way we think, feel, and form our beliefs. Trauma during childhood from absent or distant fathers or mothers, as well as from other trusted individuals, leaves deep wounds. Having ministered freedom for years, she knows that there is only one way to be truly free. Her teachings are based on the Words and Ways of the First Freedom Minister who ever walked the earth as she guides the reader to discover what He has to personally say to them.

The book has engaging anecdotal experiences, deep looks into Scriptural accounts of teachings about freedom, and guided freedom exercises so the reader has an opportunity to fully engage and benefit from the text. If you have had a longing in your soul to get free from wounding from absent or detached parents, or other significant people in your life, or trauma, this book will offer an opportunity to hear the words you have longed to hear and feel the freedom your soul needs.

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