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Kingdom Living Greeting Cards

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Kingdom Living Greeting Cards
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Get 12 of Pastor Troy's most quotable sayings on these fun greeting cards meant to bring you into alignment for your Kingdom assignment. 12 cards per pack.

Individual cards include:

  • "True intimacy with God is spelled like this: 'in-to-me-see'."
  • "Being filled with the HOLY SPIRIT means we will NEVER have to live POWERLESS lives."
  • "Do not mistake EXCLUSIVENESS for loneliness. If you're the ONLY one in the fight, it might be because you were the only one INVITED."
  • "If you're going to grow, it is going to take great pain tolerance. When you grow, you change. When you change, you're going to leave something behind and that hurts. I think that's why the Holy Spirit is called our comforter."
  • "I am not looking for the OMNI-presence of God. I am looking for the ON-ME presence of God."
  • "When GOD calls us by our truest IDENTITY, we always think HE is mistaking us for SOMEBODY else. But in fact, we are MISTAKING ourselves for SOMEBODY LESS."
  • "You are a GIFTED LEARNER. Learning was given to you as part of your FAITH PACKAGE."
  • "As a drop-dead sold-out Jesus freak, I am anointed to proclaim liberty to the captives."
  • "I call you the HEAD and NOT the TAIL, ABOVE and not BENEATH and HIGHLY FAVORED of the LORD!"
  • "As believers, we're supposed to look a lot more like Heaven than we look like hell."
  • "You can be too churchy, but you can never be too Jesus-y."
  • "God isn't calling us into easier. He is calling us into better."

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