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New Beginnings Conference 2022 MP3

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New Beginnings Conference 2022 MP3
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Author of the best-selling book “Numbers that Preach,” Pastor TroyBrewer not only examines the meaning behind the numbers 22 on theGregorian and 82 on the Hebrew calendar, he has enlisted the mostprophetic voices on the planet to relay a life-giving message of hopeand direction for the year 2022 & 5782.
Do you need a tremendous word on light in these dark days? JoinPastor Troy, Jimmy Evans, Patricia King, Chuck Pierce, Rabbi JasonSobel and special guests Drew Neal, Cindy McGill, Darren Stott and JerriAnn Webb as they help you get into “alignment for yourassignment” in the Roaring ’20s and this Decade to Declare. Step intoyour “New Beginning” for 2022 and beyond right here, right now!.PLEASE ADD TO EACH DESCRIPTION:
Also available on CD, MP3 and MP4 Digital Download
Also available on DVD, MP3 and MP4 Digital Download
lso available on CD, DVD and MP3 Digital Download
Also available on CD, DVD and MP4, Digital Download

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