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PDF Soul Invasion Study Guide

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PDF Soul Invasion Study Guide
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The mind is a battlefield. Are you equipped for victory over the enemy and, better yet, the ever-present “in-a-me?” It’s time to armor up!


Never before has mankind lived in a day when the mind can get so messed up so fast. Depression, fear, anxiety, rage and self worship are rampant as people, even within the church, feel more and more disconnected from reality. Is the answer in a pill or a pillow in a psychiatrists office? No.


Troy Brewer knows first-hand the pitfalls of wrong thinking and shares the wisdom that pulled him out of the pit and set his feet on a path to a Soul Invasion. You are equipped with the weapons to win the war of right thinking. You can have a mind full of peace and wisdom despite the chaos of the world around you.


Soul Invasion will give you practical strategies for victory in your thought life including:

  • How to “armor up” in your thinking
  • How to deal with your haters
  • How to “arrest” your thoughts before they become words or actions
  • How to heal thinking patterns that have harmed you in the past
  • Why the mobs forming all around you are not your friend
  • Why talking to snakes will come back to bite you
  • Confronting unhealthy mindsets in 11 common but very diverse areas and much, much more!


This book is a valuable tool to help you clean up your mental messes and have supernatural sanity. Take back your thinking and be the person you were created to be. Your identity, purpose and destiny awaits your Soul Invasion.


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