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Prayers For Redeeming Your Timeline Soaking MP3

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Prayers For Redeeming Your Timeline Soaking MP3
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Time is God's way of keeping everything from happening at once.

That thought, written above a bar in a Texas music hall, inspired a young musician to search out the matter of time from God's perspective. What did he find? A God whose love is so great, He would travel through time to redeem your places of failure and pain. Join Pastor Troy Brewer as he introduces you to Jesus the time traveler – the creator of time, space and matter who created this dimension for great acts of redemption.

Time, says Brewer, is the only place we can say, "That was then. This is now." What does this mean for you today? It not only gives you access to salvation and the forgiveness of sins, the revelation of redeeming time makes is possible for you to invite Jesus into your past failure and pain to change your present, future and the destiny of your generations.

Want to turn back the clock and bring victory right now in your places of defeat? Need a fresh revelation of the God who lives in eternity but walks in time to bring you redemption even today? Redeeming Time is a revelation for every believer who knows Jesus is the author and finisher of their faith.


Free Redeeming Your Timeline Prayer Card PDF with Purchase.

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