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Shattering Spiritual Strongholds: Jezebel Spirit

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Shattering Spiritual Strongholds: Jezebel Spirit
Defeat the Darkness of the Jezebel Spirit
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Shattering Spiritual Strongholds: Jezebel Spirit
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Feel like the demonic realm is manipulating your world and you can't get free?

The Word makes it clear: you do not wrestle against flesh and blood. The devil isn’t God’s enemy. He is yours, so you are in a battle against powers, principalities, and “a powerful class of demon-gods and evils spirits that hold this dark world in bondage” (Ephesians 6:12 TPT). Should you fear? NO! You have been made mighty to defeat the hordes of hell, but how? First, you must identify your enemy with Pastor Troy’s SHATTERING SPIRITUAL STRONGHOLDS: DEFEATING THE DARKNESS OF THE JEZEBEL SPIRIT booklet.

In this booklet, you will discover

What the Bible has to say about this demonic spirit

How it manifests in both the natural and supernatural

How to recognize it in yourself and the people around you

How to pull down its stronghold and cast down the evil imaginations it introduces into your life and the lives of those it is targeting.

You are not a victim! You are a warrior and your day of victory over the Jezebel Spirit is today. Yours for $10.



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    Jezabel Spirit Book

    Posted by Sarah Spencer on 20th May 2022

    I am re-reading it have wanted a book on the Jezabel Spirit for a long time. Will be reading, praying and getting rid of it. Thank you for this information I have been searching a long time have a person in my life I have always said had a Jezabel Spirit and felt bad saying it this was confirmation. Thank you Pastor Troy for this information.