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The Hebrew Year 5780 & The Decade To Declare MP4 & MP3

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The Hebrew Year 5780 & The Decade To Declare MP4 & MP3
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5780DIGITAL– Do you know God is speaking – literally shouting – a prophetic message of power and authority through the Hebrew year 5780 and the number 80? Pastor Troy Brewer, author of the breakthrough book Numbers that Preach, will decode the numbers and pull back the veil on a revelation so dynamic, it will bring the signs, miracles, and wonders of Acts into your world today!


You’ll discover:

  • The difference between the Ayin (decade of the 70s) and the Pey (decade of the 80s)
  • The meaning of the hidden Bet and its connection to raising the dead and healing the sick
  • The connection between Pey, the number 17, and overcoming victory
  • How the element mercury speaks of the Rapture of the Church in this decade
  • How scripture supports and fulfills the prophetic word behind the numbers
  • The prophetic connection of 5780 to Psalms 119, John the Baptist, and much, much more!


Discover how lining your mouth up with King Jesus is crucial to your victory in this season. Experience the power of creating heaven on earth with your words, declarations and decrees. Fulfill your identity, purpose and destiny through this powerful prophetic revelation for these last days. Behold, the bridegroom comes! Are you ready? 

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