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Words That Work - Cindy McGill

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Words That Work - Cindy McGill
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New Days Demand New Ways

In 2003 Cindy McGill created the Freedom Lounge theme camp at the Burning Man festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. From there, her efforts evolved to reaching young women and men within porn conventions, using dream interpretation as a tool to reach those living a life they have settled for instead of the one they are made for. From pagan festivals, new age events, film festivals, adult entertainment arenas, gay pride events, gothic cultures, and just about any place people are starving for Truth, Cindy and her teams are there.

Words That Work contains a language of light for a world living in darkness so you can reach people who would never enter the door of present day-church or a Christian meeting of any kind. This book will help you to

  • Avoid “language landmines” that hinder outreach efforts and communicate effectively to a confused, angry world that doesn’t know who God really is.
  • Feel the real heart of the “seeker generation” and navigate situations where people are searching for God but don’t know it.
  • Keep the walls down so people can experience God’s unconditional love and encounter the Holy Spirit, resulting in transformation out of darkness into His kingdom of Light.

Jesus sends us out like sheep among wolves, so we must be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Words That Work will help you follow Jesus, hear His voice, feel His heart, and learn to share the truth with others in language they can receive.


Cindy McGill is a passionate lover of people—ALL people. For the many years I have walked closely with her, I have always been impressed with her genuine zeal for reaching those trapped in deceptive darkness. This book will open your eyes to many fresh and insightful concepts and tools. You might even identify some religious habits and patterns in yourself as you learn how to communicate the Good News in more effective ways. —Patricia King, founder, Patricia King Ministries

This is one of the most important books I know of for anyone who has a heart for revival and awakening. God has given Cindy McGill a unique ability to reach those that other people would not even try to reach. It is eye-opening, challenging, and an absolute must for believers everywhere to read. —Cindy Jacobs, Generals International

Cindy McGill was born as a prophetic evangelist to bring God’s healing light into the darkest places, where hearts are confused, offended, and hurting, yet still seeking for real truth and godly answers, just in the wrong places. Cindy gives the necessary nuts and bolts to approaching the unbeliever with words of wisdom straight from the Father’s heart of love. —Dr. Barbie L. Breathitt, best-selling author

Cindy McGill knows how to reach those that seem unreachable, those who are looking for spiritual connection, and those who are completely lost and broken. Cindy has worked hard over the years to put language to her ministry and outreach that helps to break down walls and open hearts. —Craig and Suzy Nelson, Miracles in the Marketplace International

More than any human being I know, God’s downloaded the how-to-do-it model for taking Jesus to the streets. Cindy McGill willingly and regularly goes into the dark places on Earth and ministers to those greatly affected or caught by the enemy himself. She has made it her cause to rescue the perishing! —Steve Shultz, THE ELIJAH LIST

The first time I heard Cindy McGill share how she was able to effectively bring the gospel to hearts that seem so dark and unreachable, I was undone. She holds a key that God chose to give her, which can access the heart of a person in the darkest of places! —Jenny Donnelly, Tetelestai Ministries, Her Voice Movement, Collective Church, Portland, Oregon

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